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We are glad to see you at CreditRoom.com - a personal finance web-source for women and by women. It is the right place for ladies to browse through credit card offers by the top-ranked banks and get credit information and assistance.

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The latest question of Cardholder's Support

Bad credit want Visa. Please advise


If you are looking for a Visa card, we offer you to consider some card variants for bad credit history. You can apply for one of Plains Commerce bank credit cards. They are unsecured cards that offer instant decision, reasonable rates, grace period of 25 days and what's important for you - monthly reporting to credit bureaus. This service will serve your purpose and help you improve your score if you make credit payments timely and keep your debt ratio below the spending limit.

In case you want to be sure that you'll be approved regardless of your bad credit, you can compare secured credit cards. They work similar to regular cards but require making a money deposit as collateral. Secured cards also report to major credit bureaus and may help you improve your credit. To select the best variant for your needs, compare features and options of credit cards for bad credit presented on the site. Good luck!


Articles on Credit Subjects

Credit Card Problems of Shopaholics
Compulsive Shopping and Credit

According to the survey held by Stanford University School of Medicine, about 17 million of U.S. consumers are compulsive shoppers. It means that one in 20 cannot control the urge to shop. And the consequences of shopaholism can be really serious - people lose their jobs, families, and their finances as well. During these uncertain economic times even responsible buyers are tightening their belts. And what about compulsive shoppers who constantly have problems with credit cards and money management. The question is, will financial crisis change spending habits of compulsive shoppers for the better or worse?

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Women Filing for Bankruptcy
Credit Card Debt

No secret to anyone that women are more likely to give into impulse buying and spend hundreds, thousands of dollars because "this bag perfectly matches the belt I got last week!", "that white pearl necklace is just what I was dreaming about my entire life!". But these little flaws are what makes a woman a woman. A lot of women use their credit cards for shopping sprees, going to parties, living glamour social life. No wonder that many female cardholders find themselves buried in debt one fine day. And often astronomical debts of $50,000 or more end up in declaring bankruptcy.

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History of Women Credit
Credit Cards for Women

In 1920, US women succeeded in their fight for voting right for women. They did not stop on getting equal voting rights for all US citizens, regardless of gender. They continued the campaign for women's rights. The past fifty years became a breakthrough in the US civil society in terms of equalization of men and women rights.

Now men and women can work at the same positions, get equal salaries for the same work, and have equal credit opportunities. Let's make a retrospective journey into the history of how women achieved their goals in the fight for equal rights, concerning labor conditions, wage levels and credit opportunities.

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Credit Newsroom

Top Credit Cards

In spite of the greatest economic recession and sharp drop in credit card use, many women still choose a credit card to pay for everyday needs, as well as for emergencies. According to a recent public-opinion poll conducted among American women, most of them use their credit cards based on their spending preferences and lifestyle. For example, ladies that adore shopping prefer taking a cash back card with them that gives them some coin just for making a card purchase.

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Best Gas Credit Card

A financial crisis is not always a ruinous phenomenon for all. While some people lose their fortunes, others build new assets. We are not going to speak about giant manufacturers or financial institutions but rather about what ordinary consumers can do to minimize the pain. Strangely, credit cards have not lost popularity and are increasingly seen to be used at gas stations. It is queer considering the falling gas prices, but in fact most consumers use their gasoline card for the purpose other than to save on gas.

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Eliminate Credit Card Debt

These days in the tough economic situation even more cardholders struggle with their credit card debts. Some people desperately try to make their ends meet. Eliminating debt when the economy on the low and mass lay-offs threaten to enroll you on ranks of the unemployed is especially hard. And if you carry a large outstanding balance, say, of $60,000 and make about $70,000 a year, paying down the debt in a short time becomes next to impossible. Or not? It is a friend of mine that turned out to be in this situation. I just could not stay indifferent to her problem and I tried to figure out how I could help her.

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